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Round Bale Twine: Undeniable Benefits You Ought to Know

If you make a living as a livestock farmer or you are in some way connected to it, then it is easy to assume that you are aware of the growing demand for round bale twine. There’s been a considerable increase in the production of the said material in the past decade. Well, it does not come as a surprise since round bale twines are a much better option compared to traditional cord or rope. With the superb durability inherent in twine, you are confident that it can provide maximum hold, unlike any other.


So, if you are looking to make the switch from cord or rope to twine but you need additional information about it, then you came to the right place. This post talks about why round bale twines are your best bet for improved efficiency and productivity.


The production of round bale twine was made possible when manufacturers of conventional cord and ropes realised that the demand has suddenly shifted. Aside from the fact that the product offers the best hold characteristics in the industry, it also is made from sisal material. If you are not familiar with it, sisal material is natural and rot-proof.


It also is worthy of mention that the production of round bale twines takes advantage of non-toxic materials, which means that there are zero side effects or risks to anyone who gets exposed or comes to contact with the twine. With non-toxic materials comes the fact that even if the twine is no longer used and put to waste, it never will harm the planet in any way as it is biodegradable.


Thanks to its inherent strength and resiliency, round balers twines offer the needed protection against fibre breakdowns and the possibility of quick deterioration. There also is minimal downtime since a typical spool has at least 2,000 metres of twine, suggesting that it’ll be a long time before you need to replace the rolls.



Another remarkable attribute of the twine made from sisal material is that it is flexible enough for use in other purposes. While you may buy it for binding hay or any other type of forage, the reality is that you also can use it for other purposes like how you will take advantage of a standard rope. For instance, the twine is useful for home improvement projects as well as storage purposes.


You likewise can purchase baling twines in different colours and shades, including but not limited to grey, brown, blue, orange, and yellow. However, most farmers would go for the transparent or colourless version because they can put varying shades on them to distinguish batches of hay or forage and to group them accordingly. If you are buying twine for farm use, you might as well consider the transparent variety.