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Cycling: Foot Problems That Need Expert Care

After swimming, cycling is the most popular sport in all of Australia. It’s not surprising, especially in Adelaide, where many must-try trails have been established for cycling enthusiasts and athletes. However, at some point along the journey, you may experience foot problems. It’s time to visit TheSAPodiatryClinic!


podiatry specialist in AdelaideThere are various foot treatments and therapies that you will discover when you visit a podiatry specialist in Adelaide. Instead of bearing the pain and waiting for months before you can get back to cycling, get the treatment you need!


Here are some of the cycling-related conditions a podiatry expert in Adelaide can help treat.


  1. Achilles Tendonitis


This foot problem can cause swelling and severe pain at the back of the ankle if left untreated. The Achilles tendon can be strained or irritated during long cycling marathons. If ever you experience pain in your Achilles area, visit TheSAPodiatryClinic and get the proper treatment to help manage the pain or swelling.


  1. Numbness


Numbness on any part of the foot is common among cyclists. Due to the changing terrains in some trails in Adelaide, numbness could persist for a couple of days. If numbing persists on your foot or keeps coming back, it is best to visit a podiatry specialist. The numbness could lead to more severe problems if you keep ignoring it.


  1. Metatarsalgia


More popularly known as a “hot foot,” metatarsalgia is a condition wherein sufferers feel as if their foot is burning up. While this condition is common among cyclists, a hot foot may be a symptom of another disorder such as nerve damage. This is why it is crucial to call your podiatrist right away if your hotfoot persists more than usual.


  1. Morton’s Neuroma


Cyclists who suffer from this condition feel moderate to extreme pain on the ball of the foot. Experts suggest seeking medical advice from a podiatry specialist right away if at some point in your cycling journey you feel this kind of pain. This condition often does not disappear on its own. You will need a podiatrist to recommend the necessary therapy to help manage the condition.


  1. Plantar Fasciitis


This disorder is not a common injury in cycling. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, you may need to be more careful with your cycling footwear. In some cases, this condition can worsen if you irritate the affected area. Call your podiatrist right away to prevent further inflammation.


Adelaide is full of beautiful and challenging cycling trails. The government supports this sport as it is one of the activities that has proven low-impact in terms of injuries. However, regular visits to the podiatrist can prevent foot problems that could keep you from enjoying your favourite sport.