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The Net Wrap Advantage

If you are hoping to make round bales, you most likely are looking at two materials to use. The most practical options are net wrap and baling twine. The reality is that for those who are looking to find Silage covers, those two options remain as the most effective and efficient. Although you probably have one priority in mind, this article will help you appreciate the value of a net wrap. In other words, we focus on arguing in favour of a net wrap over twine.


Find Silage CoversIf you are wondering why a net wrap is advantageous, then you’ve come to the right place to know the benefits of using it.


1 – Net wraps are renowned when it comes to a quicker method of baling.

Many livestock farmers don’t even bother to consider net wrapping because they feel satisfied with baling twine. It is why there still are those who are unfamiliar with the benefits of net wraps. One of those critical benefits is that you can achieve a more efficient and quicker baling process since the use of a net wrap will only require three turns to wrap the bale. If you use the right machine, you may cut your usual baling time in half.


Twine is indeed cheaper than a net wrap. So, it is a matter of priorities. If you want faster baling, you’ll choose net wraps. If you have a limited budget, you most likely will pick twine. But in the concept of improved production, the net wrap takes home the bacon.


2 – Net wraps correspond to reducing baling loss.

Another undeniable perk of using net wraps over twine when you are hoping to find Silage covers is that you get the opportunity to reduce baling loss by more than half. The reason why it is possible is that there is a reduced chance of leaf loss and deterioration. The truth is that with a net wrap, you can store your bales wherever you want. The security and protection are more than enough to let you store your bales outside if you do not have the luxury of putting them under a roofed structure.



3 – Net wraps are durable.

Lastly, you should consider a net wrap as the perfect silage cover because it is renowned for its durability and long-lasting properties. It usually is made from the combination of plastic and sisal material, making it withstand extreme conditions and temperatures.


It is no secret the twine has its fair share of benefits, too. But if you are looking at material for silage covering and baling that offers improved productivity, reduced losses, and superb durability, then you should lean towards the net wrap. Baling twine boasts of being made from all-natural materials, but it does not have the same longevity and reliability to that of a net wrap.