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Does Your Car Service Provider Deserve a Medal of Excellence for Customer Service?

As far as considerations for choosing a service provider for your car, customer service should be way up there on your checklist!


Nothing less than excellent customer service is what your car needs, and if you own a Bimmer, it is time for you to consider BPB Auto BMW Service Adelaide.


Your car needs to be serviced only by the very best, and you also need to be assured that your beloved car is in the right hands.



Let us look at some things that will help you rate a service provider. Failing to meet these criteria should be treated as a sign to take your business elsewhere!


Do they listen?


In the auto repair business, it is sometimes easy not to be heard. It is imperative that both mechanics and staff take the time to listen to your problems. The last thing you want is a Mr. “Know-It-All” mechanic who talks down to you.


The average amount a consumer pays for service or repair is about $200 to $400. Listening to you and helping to relieve the stress you may be experiencing should be a practice they need to perfect if they want your business and your payment.


Are they available?


If there is one thing to stay away from, it is inaccessible car service providers. At the very least, they should have a front office person – a real person that you can talk to about a car problem you may be experiencing.


If they want you as a regular customer, it is essential that they can help you immediately. The question you should ask which requires a definite answer is how long the repair will take.


Are they experts in servicing the brand or make of your car?


As far as car servicing goes, you should be looking at:


  • Fast service
  • Quality service
  • Service that can be trusted


If you come out a dissatisfied customer, they should own up their mistake, apologize, and if possible, compensate you appropriately – it might be a discount or even a free service in the future.


You must remember; it is a highly competitive business and not performing up to par is unacceptable.



Do they treat you with respect?


It doesn’t have to happen to you, but sometimes, you can observe how they treat their customers. A mechanic or employee going ballistic with another customer is a sure sign to take your business elsewhere. You should try the professionals at BPB Auto BMW Service Adelaide.


Are they honest and transparent?


Promises and results should always match. If you happen to have a service provider who promises you a rose garden and all you get are weeds – it is time to drive away!


Do employees have good manners?


You can always tell if employees have been trained on how to answer the telephone courteously. A receptionist chewing gum or using profane language are reasonable indications that the shop is lacking in professionalism. Take your business elsewhere.