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Bale Wrapping Techniques: Troubleshooting Bale Wrap Issues

A few more months to go and the baling season is upon us! Wishful thinking it may be as you still have that heavy blanket around you in front of the fireplace but keep reading to get prepared for haymaking season!


As soon as the weather permits, checking the baler machine will ensure the best results from your baler. Spend about a couple of hours doing it, and you gain hours of uninterrupted productivity during the haymaking season.


Familiarise yourself with the following issues, reasons why they happen and their corresponding troubleshooting techniques.


Net Splitting




  • Damaged bale wrap while in the packaging
  • Net being hooked or damaged in the baler
  • Insufficient bale applied to the bale




  • Unroll the bale wrap until the identified damage is gone. Careful handling of bale wrap Australia while transporting will help.
  • Smoothen any sharp edges like in weld point along the path of the baler. It is recommended to have a minimum of 2 turns of wrap for each bale.


Net Wrap Spooling Around Feed Rollers




  • Uneven wrap-cutting by leaving long wraps that catch on feed rollers
  • Worn or damaged feed rollers, trapping the wrap when running
  • Wet or sticky feed rollers from wet residues or crops
  • Rollers left under tension from the braking mechanism, embedding wrap on the surface of the rubber roller, causing the rap to roll over the feed rollers instead of feeding freely
  • Bale wrap feed guide behind rollers may be wet or dirty from crop residues




  • Adjust the brake tension to give a cleaner cut in the bale and make sure the knife is clean and undamaged.
  • The feed rollers must be smooth and free of any debris that may interfere with the bale wrap.
  • Clean the rollers if they are dirty. An antistatic spray can help resist dirt, or you may want to apply talc (French chalk).
  • Reduce the tension between the feed rollers when it is not baling.
  • Remove any debris collected on the net guide plate.



Net Does not Spread to the Edge of the Bale




  • Bale wrap isn’t tense enough
  • The uneven density of bales
  • Crop residues stuck in baler
  • Misaligned rollers




  • Check and adjust the bale wrapping tension on the baler. The wrap extends better with more tension
  • Hay jammed between the belts, and the drive rollers will restrict the uniform application of the bale to bale, so make sure to clear the jam.
  • Check and correct the alignment of the feed roller. A lousy adjustment will lead to uneven feeding and, therefore, to the application in the bale.


Bale Wrap Snaps in Baler




  • Tight jammed bale wrap roll in bale box
  • Excessive friction on the wrap




  • Check that the core is not out of shape, which will restrict its operation on the baler.
  • Inspect the fixed tension bars on the baler. Make sure they are clean, free of dirt and rust. Bale wrap Australia must be threaded correctly as improper installation can break the wrap. You could also encounter feeding and cutting problems.