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Everything You Need to Know About AUCTUS and Its Cert IV Training and Assessment Programme

Vocational courses and training are a way for people to enter and prosper in their desired career. It’s a way to hone their skills and make sure they’re ready for the job. Of all the vocational courses out there, the Cert IV in training and assessment is the most well-renowned one. It’s a very in-demand course that features many aspiring students wanting to become professional trainers. However, what does it take for you to accomplish the course? If you’re interested in training and assessment, AUCTUS is a well-known Australian vocational institute that offers the best TAE programme. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the entire course and make sure you’re fully prepared when once you decide to register.


Requirements for Completion

To fully complete the training and assessment course, AUCTUS requires you to complete at least ten competency units. These units are divided into four clusters within the current official training and assessment public course delivery curriculum. You are given the freedom to complete these courses in any order that will suit your schedule and convenience. That way, you won’t have to compromise anything while still getting the certificate you need for your dream career.


Scheduling Your Own Cluster Structure

To conveniently fulfil the cert IV training and assessment course, structure all the ten sub-courses. You can schedule them according to the days that are convenient for you. Scheduling is simple: all you need to do is to choose your preferred dates for each of the four clusters in any AUCTUS centre around Australia. Here’s a tip: focus on two clusters on the same week, while completing another two in another week. Don’t go more than three or you won’t be able to schedule them properly. You can also adjust your schedule once you complete a cluster. Whatever you decide, always remember that you’ll be in full control on how you can complete the entire course. Make sure you capitalise on the freedom that’s given to you and finish the course on time before the year ends.



Sign Up for AUCTUS

If you want the most exceptional institution to educate you on the Cert IV Training and assessment course, there’s no better centre than AUCTUS. They offer different ways for you to learn and complete your course. From physical centres to online classes, they have it all. So what are you waiting for? Enrol now!