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July 11, 2019

What to Know About Fixed Gear Bikes

There are different types of bicycles out there. However, the fixed gear bike is the simplest of all. Bike experts always recommend newbies to try riding a fixie first as it does not have the complicated gearshift mechanism which can be a challenge to a newbie bike rider.


Riding this bike is not difficult at all; you just pedal, and it will move forward, stop and the bike will, too. The speed of a fixie depends on the rider. The faster you pedal, the higher the speed. However, with fixies, coasting is not possible because it does not have the freewheel feature. On a multi-speed bike, you will realise that the pedals do not move even when the rear wheel is in motion. The sprocket on a fixie is attached directly to the hub, and this makes the difference.


Pedalling a fixie bike is preferred by both newbies and pro riders. It’s not only because it is easy to ride, but because it allows cyclists to move their legs constantly, which is an excellent form of exercise. Besides, who does not love being physically fit? For people who enjoy biking and exercising, fixies are the best equipment to boost their cardio workout and even when it comes to strengthening their legs.


Although most bicycles are made of steel, aluminium, or carbon fibre, fixies are still lighter due to the lack of the complicated gear system. Additionally, it is also easier to repair a fixie as it has no complicated parts. You can always troubleshoot your fixed gear bicycle and do some repair even without an expert hand.


One thing you need to know is that fixies are made for the road and not for steep areas. That is why you will find that most people who own fixies are city dwellers. If you reside in hilly locations, then you need a proper mountain bike that can take all kind of terrain. Going down a hill is easy with a normal bike but not with a fixie.


Costs and Other Benefits


There are many bike manufacturers and dealers today, and so your options are limitless. When it comes to buying a fixed gear cycle, you must ensure you are getting a quality bike and for the best price. In most cases, quality fixes will cost between $550 to $1200, depending on brand, customisation, and size. However, you should do research online and visit websites of different dealers to strike the best deal.

If you’re contemplating getting yourself a bike, a fixed gear bike can be all that you need. For the inexperienced and non-professional bike riders, a fixie is ideal, as long as you practice on flat paved roads and avoid going downhill. Also, make sure that you have the right gear before you go out biking.